The Conjuror - General Death

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18th October 1959, IST: 6:38PM, Lhasa, Tibet (29° 38′ 55.32″ N, 91° 7′ 2.64″ E)

A couple of meteor showers were visible in the northern sky. Brigadier Fu, with the Chinese army took position to attack Norbolinka palace to abduct the Dalaiji.

Inside, the Kham infantry regiment was securing him with bolt rifles, LMGs & a couple of snipers. The General just woke up from his long deep Vajrayana meditation. Strangely, he was fragranced with an enigmatic note of Sandalwood mixed with some unknown Tibetan floral notes. He put on his saffron robe & started smoking his pipe, the air became thick & heavier. Dalaiji exchanged a few conversations with him in Bhoti, to maintain secrecy. General calmly answered him, “it's time now”.

After two days, on the way to Indo-China LOC, while Dalaiji was crossing the Brahmaputra, Chinese airfare started bombing to his accurate location. He was foil trapped in the dense forest & could not find any place to hide.

And the Magic happened. Suddenly he realized a strong empyrean fragrance started lingering around him, it was quite familiar, in a trice he didn’t recognize though. Out of nowhere a dark dense fog enveloped the troop & they were completely camouflaged. Chinese jets lost their location. Bombing stopped. By the time Dalaiji comprehended the familiar fragrance & realized who saved them through this mystical Tantric conjuring. Certainly, that was the last encounter between the General & the Dalaiji. This is one of the Greatest Escape stories in the world history. More than thousands of Tibetans, especially from Kham province got martyr. But it’s been kept hide!

Since then, there has been a saying, every year on General’s birth anniversary Dalaiji with Rinpoche monks offers him his favourite perfume, and since 1959 they named the alchemy as ‘General Death – the conjuror’.


This is a tribute to His valour, & the infinite sacrifices he made for our motherland, for us. He will be our Unforgettable Hero, for eternity!