Our Story

Welcome to Attar Shastra Universe!

Attar Shastra Fragrances is India’s trailblazing fragrance brand that offers a wide variety of natural, luxurious & aesthetic fragrance oils called Attars. Our blends are contemporary & thoughtfully handcrafted to ensure that each fragrance gives you an ultimate sense of satisfaction & fondle your olfactory.

The universe of fragrance conspiracies!

Attars are abstract alchemies! It interacts with your own body scent and unfolds its notes & accords as time passes, offering a personalized unique aroma that lingers around you. Its enigmatic nature brings a new surprise to your senses, making it irresistible to indulge in its nuances. With a twist, we call these alchemies ‘conspiracies’, bottled for you.

On a mission to take indian perfumery to the global stage.

For ages, India has been performing as a backstage artist supplying the western perfumery with raw materials & essential oils. Attar Shastra Fragrances is committed to take Indian perfumery to the international level and establish it as an independent category on the global stage. Our mission is to redefine Indian perfumery and show the world that Perfumery is synonymous to India!

Our values. every drop is a pure ecstacy!

Quality is our top priority. Our Attars are 100% alcohol-free pure perfume oils made of natural ingredients. Each drop of our Attar is so potent, that the fragrance will linger around you for long hours with an extraordinary projection efficacy.