Sandalwood - Heaven Landed on Earth

Pure Sandalhood Oil

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A picturesque meadow, dazzling with joy and freshness of an early hour, sunrays struggling to penetrate through dense trees leaving the soothing effect of light. The breeze carrying the smell of sweet & citrusy fruits & flowers around the orchard. It was drizzling, the wet vines were resting peacefully on the shoulders of Kadamba trees, weaving the yellow grass and the bushes together into a Sabha Mandap. ‘Nikunj’, is the paradise where Priya and Pritam find their serene abode, where they share spiritual thoughts and express cosmic love.

Pritam keeps on finding different ways to tease Priya by his playful acts. Nonetheless, Priya holds a very special place in his heart.

One day, it was a full moon night, Pritam spruced-up Priya, she in her Shringar looked like a Goddess! Admiring her beauty Pritam said, “You are looking as beautiful as the shining full Moon”. Priya's face faded! She said, “How can you compare me with the Moon? The Moon that has so many dark spots on its face” Priya was so disheartened that she stopped talking to Pritam.

Pritam was puzzled, he did not know how to convince her now! The universes ceased; time stood still. Alas! Priya’s Sakhis Lalita and Vishakha, appeared for his rescue.

And then the ‘Leela’ began!

Peacocks, the epitome of beauty with shades of blue, turquoise, and iridescent on its feather, when they dance, the scene looks like heaven landed on earth. The Kokila’s began to sing their Pancham-sur melodies, Lalitaju took Pritam’s flute and started playing Naad, the Mayuras spread their feathers and began performing graceful moves. The entire cosmos started to swing in a rhythm to help Pritam to get his Priyatama back.

To please Priya, Pritam borrowed those beautiful bunch of feathers from these colourful angels and started to dance as one among them. It was an absolute visual and musical treat. Gods & goddess from heaven landed on this piece of land to experience this rarest of the rare serendipity, turning this concert into a holy celebration.

She observed a peacock who was dancing the best among all. She approached him and discovered that it is none but her Pritam. The walls of her anger melted. Pritam extended his hand asking her to join the celebration, celebration of their love!

By then Pritam looked tired. Realizing the same, Priya chuckled and embraced him, resting his head on her lap, she started applying Sandalwood on his forehead - one of his most favourite fragrances. Sandalwood’s sacred essence calmed him down. In exultations, all the Sakhis started showering flowers & Sandal perfumes upon the duo. They became enveloped with the divine fragrance, the fragrance of love, compassion & devotion.

Gradually, they united, as ‘ONE’.

And the immortal hues of Sandalwood travelled through many miles and time reciting this anecdote for thousands of years till today!