Mortal Love - The Drops of Ecstacy

Rose | Saffron | Tobacco

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In the valleys of high mountains there are Rose gardens that reside beside Jhelum. Every year around October, the flowers bloom. The valleys look like they wore Pink & Red embroidered Pashminas. These colourful blankets blend all the differences of religions, traditions, unpleasant histories, sentiments & sorrows to become ONE! It is the celebration time!

The busy reapers sing solitary folklores, songs about mortal love & memories. About Roohani lovers, about their romance, intimacy & sacrifices. There is a saying, they are still alive. On the moonlit nights they take tours on Shikaras. Up in the mountains they sing songs of eternity. Some say, they are immortal, an epitome of love.

Around this time, Artisans collect blossoms, particularly Dhar & Bulgir roses. They worship their ancient deities as part of their rituals & set to prepare the most precious Alchemy. They evoke the souls of these flowers and capture the spirits into bottles, infuse with mountain herbs & Tobacco absolutes. This complexity takes months to process. Only these connoisseurs are authorised to hon & pass this phenomenal art across generations.

These Alchemists do believe, at the final stage of this process, when the perfume gets ready, at night, under the darkness, when the villagers & animals are in deep sleep, these poised lovers come to check the potency of the perfume, to enjoy the drops of ecstasy! They immerse their souls into these waxy fluids to give the final touch, a touch of love.

Afterall, this 'Mortal Love' has been their favourite for ages & will be for eternity.