Lolita - A world where fantasies bloom

Chocolate | Vanilla

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Product Story

In the realm of Lolita, where dreams entwine,

A fragrance unfolds, sweet and divine.

Vanilla whispers, a soft, inviting note,

A dance with chocolate, a melody to devote.


Lolita's essence, playful and sweet,

In the air, a scent, a delightful feat.

Vanilla, like a warm, comforting hug,

Chocolate swirls, a decadent tug.


In Lolita's world, where fantasies bloom,

A fragrance story, an olfactory room.

Vanilla and chocolate, a duet so fine,

In this fragrant journey, they intertwine.


Lolita's laughter, a sprinkle of delight,

Vanilla and chocolate, a sensorial flight.

A fragrance tale, both tempting and bold,

In the essence of Lolita, forever to hold.