Boho - From nowhere and everywhere

Oud | Turkish Rose

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When He is thirsty, he dips his mouth into streams and drink water like an animal. And watches his own reflection, probably that’s how he meditates to connect his soul with the jungle. Boho often visits to that meadow that’s centered between those black mountains of Anamudi Ranges. He treks to those tips of massifs to rejoice solitude, in the land of nowhere!


At twilight, the forest sky looks like full of pink-purplish love bites that seems like the earth has kissed the sky & left love-marks to tease him. And the sky keeps glows subsumed the glittering stars seems like he is blushing. On the foreground, those black mountain silhouettes look like sentinels, protecting these eternal lovers. Like way, the whole forest seems like the midway of earth & heaven. The local villagers don’t visit this forest, even in daylight. Some of them says it’s not part of the earth!


While being in the forest adoring solitude, Boho sings with cuckoos, dance with peacocks, talks to the parrots and smoke-up weeds with those phantoms. Yes! those manes & duppies appears only after dark. By now, He got access to their community, to their rituals, and became an inmate of this deep dense woodland.


As the night envelops, the carnival starts. Boho & his lemur friends get into a tête-à-tête circling the bon fire. Mostly He talks & They listen. Great stories of conspiracies, valor & love sagas from future! And as a return gift they offer Him the ancient treasure! The fragrance that’s so primitive that nobody knows its origin. An alchemy made of Saffron & forest spices. It’s one of the secrets of the secrets of this forest. Which is still hidden & nameless to us, to our world, and will be till the eternity! Only the Moon & these lonely wolves are the witnesses of these secret trades that happens often. Still today!