Alpha - The Eternal Masculinity

Assamese Herbs | Oud | Sandalwood

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In Assam, up in those mountains, there is an Agarwood Forest, deep & dense. There, full moon nights are a serene phenomenon. The nocturnal & Nycophile males team up together to call their eternal lovers. As the nights get deeper, the pheromones start playing their magic. The Oud resins start secreting the 'cosmic notes' that play as catalysts, the exotic night flowers bloom, and the nectars get naked, start dripping, evaporating in the air. The breeze stops & the air gets heavier with the complex woody notes of Oud and the night blooms!

At that moment the conspiracy occurs, the females get buzzed like bumble bees, and the fragrance makes them intoxicated, attracted & lose control completely.

And the 'Eternal Masculinity' sparks off, enveloping the night, slowly, very slowly until dawn!